Joe Rixon

Joe is a co-founder of Extensor and director at Fabrik Software.

He's had a variety of roles during his career, including work as a software developer, project manager and IT business analyst.

Outside of work, Joe plays guitar in the band 'Bluetooth Pony', enjoys aquascaping and goes skiing and hiking in the mountains near his home in Austria.

About Extensor

Extensor, a start-up founded on a physiotherapist’s table in Innsbruck and now headquartered in London, is developing a suite of apps to help physiotherapy patients get back to full health faster than ever. By promoting digitalisation in physical therapy practices, they are improving lines of communication between patient and therapist to ensure every patient gets the personalised treatment they require and can make the most of their trusted therapist’s expertise. Their innovative apps for therapists and their patients have been created for both Android and iOS and come with a no-strings-attached 30-day free trial. Find more information and get Extensor for your mobile device at