Physiotherapist consulting with patient for back problem

Extensor on the App Store: Learn more about our apps for mobile devices

Written by Joe Rixon

Extensor helps patients get back on their feet as quickly as possible. By setting out to improve lines of communication between patient and therapist, we’re helping them progress quicker through their rehabilitation, using the power of technology. And now we’re available for Apple devices as well.

The Extensor app gives your patients access to your personalized exercises and keeps them on track with their recovery. You create a custom set of exercises that they can complete anytime, anywhere. You can then use the app to monitor their progress and recommend adjustments to their plan as they recover. You and your patients receive updates on how well they are progressing toward the goals you set them.

The Extensor app for Android and iOS gives therapists and patients the freedom to create, deliver, and track custom therapy plans and content before, during, and after treatment.

What can you do with the Extensor App?

  • Deliver engaging therapy plans to your patients
  • Record video sessions with each of your patients that they can use as a reference when completing their plan
  • Create your own library of exercises, putting your expertise into practice
  • Monitor patients’ engagement with their therapy plans

That plan appears in the patient’s app, which allows patients to keep track of their exercise regimen outside of sessions with a therapist. In this way, patients can take control over their own recovery and commit fully to healing.

Extensor makes it easy for therapists to share their knowledge and expertise with patients, enabling effective telerehabilitation. Therapists are able to create rehabilitation plans for each patient, which include instructions on how to perform exercises as well as goals for each stage of recovery.

One of the key features of the Extensor app is that it allows patients to add notes or record videos of their progress. Sharing this information with their therapist has never been easier, and therapists are excited about this feature as it enables them to be more responsive and personalised in their treatment plans!

Extensor allows your patients to easily track their progress for physiotherapy and other exercises. It also provides reminders for when they need to do their exercises, so they never miss a session! The app contains an easy-to-use interface for patients to follow along with their customized exercise plans.

All data collected by the app is encrypted, ensuring patient confidentiality and privacy, but also allowing it to be shared securely between therapists and patients or other healthcare professionals.

You can use the app to manage their practices digitally from anywhere and see valuable analytics about patient progression. This makes your therapy more efficient and convenient.

Our apps offer solutions for therapy patients, therapists and practice owners. For patients, that means understanding their injury and treatment better, while making their recovery more effective. Once they understand what is wrong with them and how they can get better, they will be encouraged to fully engage in their rehabilitation programme. For the therapist its important to realise that the communication channels between the patient and the professional are more important than ever.

By providing our patients with a secure space where they can communicate with you directly has direct positive consequences on the relationship between patient and therapist as it allows us to be transparent in our communication.

If you’re a physiotherapist looking for ways to provide better care for your patients, a patient who wants to know more about your treatment or just someone who loves apps, head to to start your 30 day free trial now.

About Extensor

Extensor, a start-up founded on a physiotherapist’s table in Innsbruck and now headquartered in London, is developing a suite of apps to help physiotherapy patients get back to full health faster than ever. By promoting digitalisation in physical therapy practices, they are improving lines of communication between patient and therapist to ensure every patient gets the personalised treatment they require and can make the most of their trusted therapist’s expertise. Their innovative apps for therapists and their patients have been created for both Android and iOS and come with a no-strings-attached 30-day free trial. Find more information and get Extensor for your mobile device at