A yule log surrounded by gingerbread biscuits.

Merry Christmas from Extensor

Written by Joe Rixon

A very merry Christmas to all our customers and partners around the world that will be celebrating. We'll be celebrating twice, as our colleagues in Austria celebrate "Heiligabend" (holy night) on the 24th, whereas those in the UK celebrate "Christmas Day" on the 25th. Sadly none of us are getting twice as many presents as usual though.

It's been a busy time at Extensor HQ in the last few months, as we launched and jumped right into preparing for version 1.1 and all the new features it brought, so we're really looking forward to having a nice break with friends and families.

We'll be back in the new year and getting in touch with our physio and patient customers to see what they love about the Extensor app and what we could potentially include in the next big update. We're really excited about our last update, especially the new UI and patient progress tracker and that's keeping us super motivated. Who knows - we might even hold a January sale, so keep your eyes peeled for discount codes!

All the best, whether you're celebrating or not...


About Extensor

Extensor, a start-up founded on a physiotherapist’s table in Innsbruck and now headquartered in London, is developing a suite of apps to help physiotherapy patients get back to full health faster than ever. By promoting digitalisation in physical therapy practices, they are improving lines of communication between patient and therapist to ensure every patient gets the personalised treatment they require and can make the most of their trusted therapist’s expertise. Their innovative apps for therapists and their patients have been created for both Android and iOS and come with a no-strings-attached 30-day free trial. Find more information and get Extensor for your mobile device at www.extensor.app.